Refunds Policy

Our refunds policy is constructed in accordance with The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. Specifically:

1.0 Website Hosting: All customers are given a 'cooling off' period of 7 days after they receive access to our service, allowing them to ensure to their satisfaction that they have received the service which has been paid for. This applies to our HOST60, website hosting package. If during this 7 day period you are not satisfied we will cancel your service and issue a full refund.

1.1 Refunds are not otherwise issued and the service provision will continue until the specified renewal date (usually 1 year from the date of purchase).

1.2 Refunds may be issued on a case-by-case basis if the client can provide evidence that they have suffered detrimental service loss such that the total uptime of their website (being the time that their website was publically available and functioning adequately) was less than 90% in a single calendar month.

1.3 All purchased hosting accounts work on a proactive renewal basis, requiring customers to manually renew services to ensure uninterrupted continuation. At the end of the purchase period you will not be invoiced automatically.

2.0 Domain Names: We cannot offer refunds for completed domain name sales as this is purchased on your behalf from a domain name registrar who offer no returns policy of their own. This is why we ask you to be very sure about your choice of domain name because once it is chosen and registered it cannot be reversed or changed.

2.1 If an error occurs with the registration, for example, we register the wrong name, then we will happily refund the amount or register the correct name for you instead.

2.2 If you have completed an order with us for a domain name but later realise it is incorrect you may be able to cancel the order before we register it, in which case please email with instructions.

2.3 All purchased domain names work on a proactive renewal basis, requiring customers to manually renew the domain name to ensure uninterrupted continuation. Failure to renew the domain name may result in the permenant expiry of your registration record, at which point the name will be irrecoverably lost.

3.0 Website Design and Updates: When undertaking website design updates we always ensure your complete satisfaction with the work before issuing you with an invoice. As such we cannot retroactively issue refunds for work you have previously received and indicated your positive satisfaction with.

3.1 In the event we have provided you with some server side code, for example, a shopping basket, an administration system, or some other dynamic aspect of your website which does not function properly and was not discovered in your original evaluation of the work, will will, at our discretion, offer to correct the problem without charge.

4.0 When refunds may be withheld: Refunds may be withheld in some circumstances, particularly when:

4.1 The Terms and Conditions and/or Acceptable Use Policy have been breached, resulting in termination of service prior to the normal service renewal date. Refunds may be withheld in this circumstance without appeal.

4.2 The customer involved has outstanding payments for other products of services not relating to the refund. The refund may be withheld until the customer otherwise settles their account to the management's satisfaction.